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Masters of Privacy

Sep 25, 2022

Cory Underwood combines in-depth technical expertise in the MarTech and Analytics space with a thorough understanding of the ePrivacy legal framework. He has hands-on experience in Distributed System Design, A/B Testing, Tag Management or Analytics - and writes extensively about the intersection of digital analytics and...

Jun 1, 2022

Mike J. Schmidt has extensive experience as an Advisor and Solutions Architect working worldwide in Identity Access Management (IAM), Data Privacy, and AI. He was one of the founders of MyData Global’s Canada Hub and has recently relocated to Spain.

Together we are revisiting a few key topics: personal agency,...

May 17, 2022

Hi again! We are bringing our regular “Newsroom” updates to this channel, covering quarterly news on five particular topics: 

  • ePrivacy and regulatory framework
  • MarTech and AdTech in a Privacy-First world
  • Competition and digital markets
  • Zero-Party Data and Customer Centricity
  • The future of media

We will add...

Jan 21, 2022

Maciej Zawadziński is an AdTech and MarTech expert, founder of several successful companies and online privacy rights advocate. Striving towards more conscious data use and a healthier digital advertising ecosystem, Maciej is currently devoting his knowledge and skills to developing Piwik PRO – a privacy-focused...